About Idaho Preferred®

Idaho Preferred® is a program to identify and promote food and agricultural products grown, raised, or processed in the Gem State. Administered by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, the program showcases the quality, diversity, and availability of Idaho food and agricultural products and is working to assist Idaho consumers in their efforts to find local products.

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Idaho Preferred® Program

Instituted in 2002 with funding from a USDA grant, the Idaho Preferred® program has been successful in raising consumer awareness of Idaho food and agriculture products. This increased awareness has been achieved through advertising, public relations, consumer events, retail and food-service promotions and farm to school education programs.

The nearly 300 Idaho Preferred® participants are local companies passionate about selling quality food and agricultural products. In order to use the blue and gold label, local growers, producers and food processors must meet strict criteria for their products. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be grown in Idaho, processed products must contain at least 20% locally grown ingredients, meats must be grown or processed in Idaho and wines must be made of 95% Idaho grown grapes. So look for the Idaho Preferred® label the next time you are at your local grocer, farmers market, restaurant or retail nursery to be assured that you are buying Idaho grown or processed products that support local farmers, ranchers and food producers.

Idaho is famous for its potatoes, but that is only one of over 185 different agricultural products produced in Idaho. Asparagus grows in the spring. Strawberries, Bing cherries, apricots, and raspberries ripen in the summer. Peaches, plums, pears and corn are available in the fall, and apples, onions, dry beans and local meats can be found just about year-round. And that’s not everything! Idaho processors also specialize in breads, dairy products, wine, nursery plants and specialty foods like jams, jellies, pickled vegetables and more. In addition to foods, look for Idaho-grown varieties next time you buy trees, shrubs or flowers for your yard and garden of wood products for your home improvement projects.

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