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What is the difference between Idaho Preferred® and Buy Idaho?

Idaho Preferred® is a program to identify and promote food and agricultural products grown, raised, or processed in the Gem State. Administered by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, the program showcases the quality, diversity, and availability of Idaho food and agricultural products and is working hard to meet consumers’ growing demand for local products. As a program designed exclusively for food and agricultural products, the program can conduct targeted programs such as television and radio advertisement campaigns, foodservice and retail promotions, farm to school efforts, and special event promotions throughout the state.

Buy Idaho is a private non-profit organization that promotes products and services produced in Idaho. Their members range from academic institutions to yogurt shops.

Is the quality any different in Idaho products?

Yes! In fact, when you buy Idaho Preferred® products you are buying some of the freshest foods available. Food grown out-of-state is often picked before it reaches its peak maturity allowing it to ripen during the transfer. Idaho products are more likely to be picked at the peak of flavor – resulting in superior flavor and freshness.

When I buy Idaho Preferred® products, where does the money go?

Right back to Idaho. When you purchase Idaho Preferred® products, you are supporting Idaho farmers, Idaho producers, and Idaho workers. This keeps your money in-state and helps support local communities.

Where can I find Idaho Preferred® products?

Idaho Preferred® products are sold across the state at local retailers, farmers markets and restaurants. Find local products here.

Why should I choose Idaho Preferred® Products?

It’s simple. Buying Idaho Preferred® products means that you are supporting local farmers, producers, processors and suppliers – and keeping the money in Idaho to help support our local economy. When you buy local, you are more likely to get fresher, tastier food because it takes less time to get from the fields to your dinner table. And, when you buy Idaho nursery items, you are buying plants that were raised in our climate and are more likely to thrive and keep your landscape looking great!