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Farm to School Logo2018 Idaho Farm to School Month Curriculum

Can you teach Idaho standards with Idaho content? YES!
October is Idaho Farm to School Month and National Farm to School Month. This year, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture’s Idaho Preferred program will highlight four grown-in-Idaho products that are easily accessible through your current produce supplier.

Please use these lesson plans during Idaho Farm to School Month to coincide with our weekly themes: GRAPE, MELONAPPLE, and POTATO!

Posters of the Week

Print these posters and display them in your school lunchrooms, halls and classrooms during Farm to School Month!





Other Resources

Idaho Preferred® provides many valuable resources to Idaho teachers, child care providers, food service employees and anyone interested in educating others about Idaho agriculture. Visit the links below to access Idaho Preferred resources or contact ISDA for more information.

Food of the Month is sponsored by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture in partnership with the Idaho State Department of Education.

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