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Ohana No-Till Farm

Ohana No-Till Farm is committed to providing the Treasure Valley with quality produce through Boise Farmer’s Market, CSA Shares, and local restaurants. We are fulfilling these goals with sustainable farming methods. Through greenhouse, indoor growing, no-till farming, and sustainable practices, we are exploring a paradigm shift in farming that is changing the way we think about food. 

No-Till Farming is a perma-culture method that promotes robust soil, allowing the soil to do the farming for us. This soil is capable of producing the most delicious and nutritious produce possible. We utilize worm castings and green compost for our fertilization methods. We do not spray for pests, opting instead to utilize integrated pest management. This form of pest control utilizes Mother Nature’s innate predator food chain to control pest population’s naturally.

We invite the Treasure Valley community to join us in farming harmoniously with the fauna and flora who call it home.


Vegetables, Fruits, Breads, Jams, Pickled Items, Frozen Produce, Microgreens