Clark Seed/American Mills

3450 Leihm Road

Ammon, ID 83406
(208) 221-5338


The company Clark Seed began in 1984 under Wade E. Clark. His business was called West Grain Inc. and was located in Soda Springs, Idaho. He had a million bushel elevator in which he stored grain for farmers. Within the elevator was a seed cleaner, an old Clipper model. He and Paul Christensen (his father in-law) designed and built a mobile seed cleaner using the clipper and other equipment. They mounted it on a trailer they built themselves and powered everything with a diesel generator.

It was an instant success. Instead of farmers hauling their seed into the elevator to be cleaned, Wade Clark traveled to the farms and cleaned their seed there.

Several years later he branched out building another elevator in Soda Springs where he later added a roller mill. The rolling mill business did so great that in 1993 they expanded into Rexburg, Idaho with another roller mill. Wade sold his share of the company and then started Alexander Company. In 1995, Wade and Jeremiah Clark (Wade Clark’s oldest son) built a mill to pearl barley in Pocatello, ID. After establishing this business, Wade relocated to Bancroft, ID where his current efforts include pearling barley and operating an oat plant which he designed and constructed. Jeremiah purchased the seed cleaning from Alexander Company in 2001. Jeremiah renamed the business Clark Seed.

Clark Seed’s business has tripled in the past five years becoming the largest mobile seed cleaning business in eastern Idaho. They have expanded into the table grade cereal grain market and uses Idaho’s excellent wheat, barley, and oats.

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