Clayton Tree Farm, LLC

21622 Travis Road

Wilder, ID 83676
(208) 482-6600


Clayton Tree Farms

In 1979, Clayton Nursery was started when they planted 2500 trees in Nampa, Idaho.  After more than 20 years at their Nampa farm, in 2002, we moved most of the operation 20 miles west to another agricultural town, Wilder, Idaho. 

They ship trees to many different types and sizes of businesses. Most of their customers are located in the intermountain area.

Traditionally, they have had two basic shipping seasons.  The first from the end of February until the middle of April.  The second from the end of October until the snow flew; usually the first part of December. Over the past few years, though, they have started doing more and more shipping throughout the summer.  In the spring and fall, when the trees are dormant, they ship on flatbed trucks.  During the warmer times, they use 53′ refrigerated trucks.

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