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Seattle, ID 98144
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Darigold - Since 1918




A large variety of dairy products available at large variety of Idaho retailers.


If you were a Darigold farmer in 1918, you probably milked your cows by hand. Chances are you also loaded all that milk onto a horse-drawn buggy. Thankfully, their farmers have embraced modern technology. Today, they manage one of the largest dairy co-ops in the world with several of their dairy farmers located in Idaho. Their dairy farms and plants are truly awe-inspiring, state-of-the-art facilities. But they still make products their grandparents would be proud of. Darigold milk tastes like milk should because it’s flash-pasteurized, making sure it maintains all the flavor and lasts longer in your fridge. It’s also free of rBST growth hormones. Their butter is made by one of America’s only European-style vacuum churns, which makes for butter with fewer air bubbles that’s perfect for baking. And although their cottage cheese is made in large batches, the curds are still cut by skilled human hands. Having the latest technology also helps Darigold produce less of some things. Like less waste, fuel consumption and lower environmental impact. And since Darigold dairies are local to the Northwest, they can use fewer resources getting their dairy products from farm to table.

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