Hamanishi Farms Inc.

6425 Hwy 95

Fruitland, ID 83619
(208) 739-5158


Hamanishi Farms

Over the past decade, Hamanishi Farms made the decision to transition from conventional farming to organic and sustainable farming. In short, this means less chemicals in their food and soil that’s richer in nutrients producing nutrient-dense produce. Hamanishi Farms is dedicated to building long-term soil health. This decision is rooted in their core values of doing what is best for the land and the people.

Hamanishi Farms Bio-available Compost: The farm features its customized and specialized bio-available compost, which it not only uses for its own produce, but also makes it available to farmers and gardeners in the community.

Pure Peppermint & Spearmint Oil Extracts: Hamanishi Farms peppermint oils and spearmint oils are recognized by domestic and international distributors for its quality and consistency. In addition, the farm has even developed its own brand of sweet onions called the “Fruitland Super Sweets”.

Fruitland Supersweet Onions: Hamanishi Farms brands its own sweet onions and has become known in the community for juice, sweet onions you can eat just like an apple! These onions are great on hamburgers and salads.

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