Howling Winds Farm

2932 S. 1050 E.

Hagerman, ID 83332
(208) 837-6631


Howling Winds Farms sells  Yak Meat and tanned hides.

As we continue to search for healthier lifestyles and lean food choices, the naturally lean and exceptionally nutritious yak meat is a great addition to our diets. The health conscience and the people that enjoy very good meet will find this meat to exceed their expectations. It has a sweet and subtle flavor that is never gamey.

Their farm in located in the South Central part of Idaho in the beautiful Hagerman Valley. The Valley is known for its spring water and trout farms. Their Himalayan yaks thrive on our spring water, native grasses and lush pastures.  They are all natural and do not use steroids, growth hormones or animal by-products.