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United Dairyment of Idaho

Idaho Dairy Facts:
Idaho’s dairy farm families have a proud heritage of providing healthy and wholesome dairy products that are enjoyed by people within and outside of Idaho’s borders. Moreover, all but one of Idaho’s dairy farms are family owned, with many farms that are multi-generational.

Idaho’s dairy industry provides significant resources to support research and promotion needed to stabilize and sustain Idaho’s dairy industry to drive demand for Idaho produced dairy products, which contributes to the financial stability of rural communities and benefits the state’s and region’s economies. Idaho’s dairy industry is poised to confidently meet the challenges of the future and to continue to provide the healthy and delicious dairy products that Idahoans have come to expect and enjoy.

In 2012, on-farm cash receipts from milk produced on Idaho farms amounted to $2.426 billion dollars ranking it as the largest single sector in the state’s agriculture industry (based on an average price of $17.93 per hundred pounds produced, down from $18.50 in 2011.)

It is estimated that the dairy industry of Idaho employs more than 22,730 individuals in the production, processing, transportation, and distribution of its milk and milk products. More than 9,260 are on-farm jobs, conservatively averaging $30,000 per year in salary. Allied industries employ an additional 13,470 workers (e.g., hay growers, corn silage growers, custom operators, milking machine equipment, feed companies, nutritionists & veterinarians). A significant economic impact on the state is realized through personal property tax, income tax, sales tax and retail sales generated from income derived from the dairy industry.

Idaho is the 2nd largest milk producing state in the twelve western U.S. states and ranks 3rd in the total U.S.

As of December 31, 2012, the state had 547 dairy farm operations; producing 13.528 billion pounds of milk (1.573 billion gallons) from the 551,899 cows milking.

We have grown from a 73 million dollar industry in 1970 to a $2.426 billion dollar industry in 2012.

In terms of milk production: In 1970, Idaho’s dairy farmers produced 1.4 billion pounds; but in 2012 produced 13.528 billion pounds.

The state average for annual milk per cow is 24,511 pounds (2,850 gallons) in 2012, while the state average in 1970 was 9,793 pounds (1,138 gallons).

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