Idaho Natural Farm Fresh

P.O. Box 54
Kuna, ID 83634


Natural Farm Fresh was established to provide you with the same great fresh tasting milk their family has been enjoying now for three generations since 1939. Their family owned and operated dairy provides licensed grade A raw milk inspected by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Natural Farm Fresh strives to always provide you fresh, great tasting and nutritious milk from their dairy to your home. They take pride in raising healthy cows in return for a healthier, wholesome product. Natural Farm Fresh genuinely takes pride in the health and comfort of their dairy cows. At Natural Farm Fresh, they deeply care about their cow’s individual well-being and take to heart that without them and their good health, the family of Natural Farm Fresh would have no livelihood.

Natural Farm Fresh does not use any artificial growth hormones. Nor do they add chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones to their feed.

Natural Farm Fresh raw milk is bottled in a clean and sanitary environment inspected by the ISDA and chilled to 38-degrees Fahrenheit in less than one minute after being milked from their cows, keeping it very fresh!

Raw milk offers 100% of available enzymes, minerals, and proteins (all 22 amino acids including the eight essential amino acids) for your body to metabolize. All 18 fatty acids are metabolically available in raw milk and not heat altered by pasteurization.

It is Natural Farm Fresh’s goal to make raw milk affordable to anyone wanting to make healthy choices and wanting to purchase pure, local, wholesome products. From their family to yours, Natural Farm Fresh hopes you enjoy the nostalgia and purity of locally produced Idaho farm fresh milk.

Natural Farm Fresh… the way mother nature intended it!

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