Legacy Farms NW, LLC

315 Saint Clair

Sandpoint, ID 83864
(208) 610-2703


Legacy Farms is a propagation nursery specializing in Lonicera caerulea (Haskaps) for the wholesale and retail trade. All of our breeding stock originated from the University of Idaho’s research station in Sandpoint, Idaho. We have carefully selected varieties for their plant vigor and berry production. All of our varieties are trademarked under the name BonnerBlue™ and are license protected.

Haskaps are the perfect low maintenance flowering and fruiting perennial bush. From Ice Cream to Jam, Mimosas to Smoothies, Wine to Chocolate Truffles, Haskaps are not only a Healthy Super Fruit they make the most delicious,  award-winning foods and drinks. Haskaps are richer in polyphenols than tea, coffee, and red wine and have five times the amount of phenols compared to blueberries – making it a formidable antioxidant superfood.

You can find Haskaps at the Sandpoint Farmers Market or at Di Luna’s Café. Or you can order Haskaps here.