Litehouse Inc.

100 Litehouse Drive

Sandpoint, ID 83864
(800) 669-3169


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One of the largest producers of refrigerated dressings and dips in the world started right here in Idaho when Chef Ed Hawkins began making his own creamy bleu cheese dressing. Ten years later, Ed and his wife opened their own restaurant where they served the dressing. In 1962, when people started bringing their own empty jars to take the dressing home, the Hawkins decided to start packaging their recipe. In the 1990’s Litehouse became an exclusive dressing producer as it entered Sam’s Club stores. Now Litehouse is one of the largest suppliers of blue cheese dressing in the U.S. and has revitalized the dairy industry in their rural community. They offer six types of salad dressing, greek yogurt dressing and dips, veggie dips, fruit dips, herbs, cheeses, and apple cider.

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