My Dad’s Garlic

15 North 300 East

Rupert, ID 83350
(208) 431-6346




My Dad’s Garlic is a family business operated by Richard (dad), Rose (daughter), and Philip (son-in-law).

In 2006,the family purchased the Tomonagas garlic seed business obtaining the certification license,garlic seed and client list. My Dadʼs Garlic now consists of four acres and eight varieties of garlic,all planted and harvested by hand. No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are applied and fish emulsion, worm castings and tea are used to give nutrients to the soil. Philip has developed tractor implements designed to mark out garlic beds, space the plants six inches apart and a cutter that goes under the garlic bulbs,cuts the roots and loosens the soil. They have also designed an air-circulated curing shed where the garlic is dried.

A variety of garlic sold by the pound including chesnok red, german red, korean red, musik, Spanish Roja, Asian Tempest, Inchelium Red, and Early Italian. Garlic is available as seed stock.

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