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New Choices Farms

Bringing Local Farmers to Your Table

New Choices Farms is committed to a natural approach to farming. We don’t use synthetic sprays, fertilizers, or chemicals to control weeds, bugs, or feed our plants. Aquaponics provide the fertilizer for our greenhouse products and natural farming techniques for the soil. We don’t use genetically modified seeds or plant starts on our farm. Our eggs are produced by cage free chickens who often range free on the farm.

Where to Buy:

  • Eagle Farmers Market
  • On-Site
  • We currently offer CSA Home Deliveries within a 25 mile radius of Emmett. And products can be ordered at our online store here.

Our Vision For the Farm – The reason we work so hard

We’re committed to providing at least 10% of our farm production to help homeless ministries provide food. We also make ourselves available to help others in low income situations needing assistance; our intention is to help when we can.

We believe that what we give out will come back to us from those who want quality, locally grown food and are willing to help us keep it all up and running through our CSA shares program and local market sales.


  • Aquaponic vegetables – tomatoes, microgreens, mesclun mix, buttercrunch lettuce, assorted lettuces
  • Herbs – cilantro, dill, basil, assorted others