Rocks Natural Idaho Spring Water

2608 Hwy. 21

Boise, ID 83716
(208) 343-3801


...Scott and Angie West are both retired Marines who have owned and operated The Rocks Lodge located in the mountains above Boise since 1992.

In May of 2007 they began to research the possibility of bottling their own natural spring water that they have been drinking in the lodge for years. Their first shipment began Jun 6, 2008.

They have been experiencing growth of over 20% per year since our first shipment went out and have shipped as far at Shanghai, China! They are currently experience such a rapid growth we have had to add a night shift to meet our customers needs.

What is in it anyway?

Typical Analysis of naturally occurring items in mg per liter; nothing added! We don’t add anything … we don’t take anything out!

  • 0 Chloride
  • 0.54 Fluoride
  • 1.0 Potassium
  • 2.16 Magnesium
  • 2.4 Nitrate
  • 7.3 pH
  • 9.0 Sulfate
  • 11.9 Sodium
  • 24.6 Calcium
  • 142 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

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