SeaPac of Idaho, Inc.

PO Box 546
Buhl, ID 83316
(208) 326-3100


Sure, Idaho may be known for its “famous potatoes,” but it is also the trout capital of the world. This is due to the abundance of free-flowing water that flows from the walls of the Snake River Canyon, making Idaho the ideal place for growing and processing farm-raised rainbow trout.

Originally formed on the unique basis of being a processor for the independent growers, SeaPac of Idaho has become one of the nation’s largest trout growers and processors. Now, as a fully integrated company, SeaPac of Idaho controls all stages of production, consequently, producing only the highest quality rainbow trout products.

SeaPac of Idaho offers a full line of fresh and frozen trout products, which are marketed under the IdaSea Brand and Silver Creek Brand. Catering to the most demanding chef or supplying large distributors, SeaPac of Idaho produces a wide variety of rainbow trout cuts and sizes. IdaSea Rainbow Trout is the finest, best tasting trout on the market today.