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Evaqua Farms is a premium Red Steelhead and Rainbow Trout producer with farms in America’s Pacific Northwest, from Idaho to Washington State.

Years ago, a life-long passionate fisherman became aware that native salmon populations worldwide were declining. He asked himself a sobering, critical question: “What can I do to protect this majestic beast, its threatened habitat and the critical role that they play in the world ecosystem?”. Perplexed by the magnitude of the issue, he called his friend, a 4th generation, conservation minded rancher and asked the same question. Their interaction sparked a conversation that evolved into a mandate for action.
Together they embarked on a several-year journey exploring the ecosystem of wild salmon, the demands that are placed on that ecosystem and the global demand for salmon as a center of the plate food option. What they found (not surprisingly) is a global economy and a worldwide human population growing like never before and in turn creating an unsustainable demand for one of nature’s greatest resources.
Taking these truths to heart, they decided to pursue a model of raising salmon and trout, domesticated from wild stock, on land in fresh water systems that would provide the healthiest, highest quality, lowest impact salmon to the world. In this method they saw a way to make a sustainable food source that would be good on many levels. Good for humans, good for the environment and good for wild salmon.


Our Red Rainbow Trout (“Oncorhynchus mykiss”) are a beautiful freshwater fish that are native to the Pacific Coast of North America, found from Alaska down to the California border of Mexico. We raise them in nature’s best spring water, right here in the trout capital of the world: Idaho. Our fish are fed a nutritious diet that is rich in Astaxanthin, a natural element found in plankton and krill that gives lobster, shrimp and flamingos their beautiful red hue. This non-GMO diet is extremely healthy for the fish and passes a multitude of health benefits along to the consumer.
Our Red Rainbow Trout has a milder flavor than salmon, yet offers the same beautiful red hue and an array of incredible health benefits. And because we produce our fish right here in the USA, we’re able to provide it to you fresh. By consuming our USA-raised fish, you’ll never have to worry about the rampant imported fish quality assurance issues. Furthermore, by supporting products of the USA, you’re creating better local jobs.