Wagner Idaho Foods, LLC

8729 Deer Flat Rd.

Nampa, ID 83686
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“If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, why would we make it?” Bob says. “You can actually pronounce every one of the ingredients in each of our products.”

“We love Idaho. It’s our home. We love mustard. So it’s only natural that we name Wagner’s Idaho Mustard after the state we love.”

Bob’s Dad was the inspiration for their first product. “Dad couldn’t get mustard like he grew up on anymore, so I made it a passion project to make it.”

He came up with the perfect recipe – one that Bob’s Dad thinks is better than what he grew up with.

Wagner’s Idaho Mustard is made naturally, the old fashioned way in small batches with nothing artificial, and it’s made right here in Idaho, with Idaho grown organic mustard seed, filtered water and sea salt. It’s sassy, with an Idaho snap.

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