Ward’s Greenhouse, Inc.

1760 Banks Lowman Road

Garden Valley, ID 83622
(208) 462-3846


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Ward’s Greenhouse has approximately 5 acres under plastic and is currently the largest greenhouse grower in Idaho. They grow only plants that will work and flourish in their market area. They are based on geothermal heat (100% sustainable energy). Heat accounts for over 30% of the cost of running a greenhouse. The savings on heating costs are used to put more into their plants. I.E.; more time in the greenhouse, more heat, more food, more care and more valuable plant varieties to begin with, better containers, more space in the greenhouse etc.

Ward’s Greenhouse starts their plants earlier and grows them slower than their competitors. This makes stronger plants with a higher level of life experience. This plant strength and experience converts to value for the customer and increases the chances for success in the garden.

They operate close to their market area and can deliver plants much quicker than with little or no shipping damage, simply because they are so much closer. This closeness to their market also translates to less diesel and more sustainability.

During the month of December you can find poinsettias at Albertsons and Bi-Mart. These poinsettias were grown by Wards Greenhouse with their geothermal greenhouses.

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