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Janine Zacca-Zenner met her husband,Chris,when he was attending graduate school in Miami, Florida.  Chris,an Idaho native,was born into a family who had farmed for three generations.The Zenner farm was the first in Idaho to receive a Food Alliance certification for sustainable farming. With a middle-eastern background, Janine learned from her mother how to make hummus,a spread made from garbanzo beans. Chrisʼ family grows garbanzo beans on their farm in Genesee,Idaho. It was a match made in “hummus heaven”.

Janine is an accountant by trade and had no experience in food production or sales before starting ZZ Foods. Her hummus, made from the family recipe using only dried garbanzo beans, has a very specific texture and was always popular at parties with friends. She soon realized that her hummus was superior to any product currently available and decided to develop her own small business.   Janine produces her hummus at the University of Idaho Food Technology Center in Caldwell where they also help with marketing and networking with other local food producers.

Zacca Hummus is now available in three flavors,Traditional, Poblano Pepper and Roasted Red Pepper. The hummus is sold at The Boise Co-op,  Albertsonʼs Market,Natural Grocerʼs,Whole Foods Market and Huckleberryʼs in Eagle. It is also available in Blaine County at Main Street Market and Atkinsonsʼ Market in Ketchum.  For more information go or call (208)850-6782.

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