Meats and Fish

Idaho Sausage on BBQ
Idaho producers raise a large variety of meats from chicken to cattle and trout to yak. You can easily find local meats at retail locations, farmers markets, or by purchasing on-line, direct from the producer.

Ranchers in Idaho produce many types of beef including grain and grass-fed, organic and natural. Idaho even has producers of American-style Kobe beef. American-style Kobe beef is highly marbled and of the highest quality.

Idaho is the number one trout producing state in the U.S. growing 46% of all farm raised trout. Sturgeon meat, Idaho caviar, tilapia, and catfish are also raised in Idaho.

Pork producers and processors in Idaho offer both fresh and processed pork products such as sausage, ham and chorizo. Other meat products such as lamb, chicken, goat, turkey and even yak are raised and processed in Idaho and can be found throughout the year at grocery stores, farmers markets and on-line.