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An Idaho New Year’s with Idaho Caviar


The New Year is upon us and it is time to start planning your festivities. This year enjoy some of Idaho’s finest and unique products while ringing in the New Year.  From delicious sparkling wines and beers to caviar… Idaho producers offer it all.

While champagne is usually thought of as the drink of choice for the New Year’s Eve toast, sparkling wines from Idaho are also a great choice. You can pick up a bottle of sparkling wine from Crossings Winery here.

If sparkling wine isn’t for you then pick up a bottle of one of the other varieties of Idaho wine. Whether you like dry reds or sweet whites there is an Idaho wine for you. For a list of Idaho wineries click here, or visit a your local retailer. The Boise Co-Op, Whole Foods, Winco, Albertson’s, Wal-mart, and Paul’s all offer great selections of Idaho wines.

Don’t forget the Idaho Brew! Several breweries and growler fill stations are offering special prices for the holidays. Stop in and fill your growler with your favorite Idaho beer.

Idaho CaviarIf you are feeling adventurous and want to do something really special for the New Year think about Idaho caviar.  High-end sturgeon caviar is produced by Fish Breeders of Idaho right in Hagerman.  To find out where to buy Idaho Caviar or order it direct you can click here for contact information.

Chef Dean Fuller from the Boise Inn and Convention Center has created a fun upscale appetizer using Idaho potatoes and caviar. You can really impress your guests by making these Idaho potato and caviar tacos.  For the recipe click here.Idaho Caviar Tacos


Caviar also pairs nicely with Idaho potato vodka or Magic Valley Wheat vodka from 44° North.  44° North uses the highest quality Idaho ingredients to produce great tasting vodka. 44°North vodka can be found at your local liquor store.

So this New Year’s don’t forget to include local foods and beverages on your party menu and make eating local part of your New Year’s resolution.