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Idaho Organic Producers

Idaho has over 330 operations producing a diversity of organic crops including vegetables, meats, milk, eggs, and wine, as well as non-food crops like hay and feed barley.

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What is Organic?

An Idaho-certified organic food product has been produced without the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, or growth regulators for a least 36 months prior to harvest. Products are marketed using the term ‘organic’ (or as a derivative) in their labeling or advertising. Organics are processed, packaged, transported, and stored to retain maximum nutritional value, without artificial preservatives, colorings, additives, irradiation, or synthetic pesticides. The organic production system emphasizes sustainability and limited natural inputs, relying heavily on such things as crop rotation and animal manure to promote soil health and fertility.

Purple Sage Farms, Pioneering Idaho Organic Farming Practices
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Idaho organics week

Idaho Organics Week is an annual celebration dedicated to recognizing and promoting the organic agriculture industry in the state of Idaho. It aims to highlight the economic contributions, environmental benefits and consumer appeal of locally produced organic products.

In 2022, Idaho certified 336 organic operations, with organic cropland and rangeland increasing in acreage in recent years. Organic farms and businesses create jobs, support local economies, and contribute to the state’s agricultural success. Celebrating Idaho Organics Week underscores the economic contributions of the organic industry and encourages continued growth and innovation in this sector.

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By: Idaho Preferred Staff

Supporting local organic farmers and ranchers is one more way consumers can help maintain Idaho's robust agricultural community.