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farm + Food Business Resources

Seeking to integrate innovative strategies into your farm, ranch, or food craft business? Perhaps you are in need of specialized resources tailored to agricultural production. Below is a curated selection of resources based on frequently requested resources.

In addition to these resources, Idaho Preferred Program Participants are granted exclusive access to our Digital Marketing Lab and Member Newsletter. The Digital Marketin Lab provides 25 -e-learning courses focused on herlping you scale your digital promotion and marketplace. The producer focused newsletter serves as a comprehensive information hub, keeping participants informed about educational opportunities, training programs, conferences, grants, local industry events, and provides key insights into pertinent business development topics.

Participants can always schedule a Strategy Session with the Idaho Preferred team, and access the exclusive member portal for additional training opportunities and online courses, promotional marketing kits and more – all tailored to various types of operations. Whether your focus lies in retail, direct to consumer, organics, CSAs, collaboration with schools, or engagement with food service and restaurants, you can find the resources here. Elevate your business trajectory by becoming a Program Participant of Idaho Preferred today.

Educational Manuals

Starting a Craft Food Business

A lot of planning is required when starting your new craft food business. But don’t be intimidated! Many successful craft food businesses have been built in Idaho from family-favorite recipes, quality local ingredients, and a lot of hard work. The secret to success is thorough research and a commitment to quality.

Our handbook, Starting a Craft Food Business, discusses the major considerations involved in building a craft food
business in Idaho. It offers tips on how to avoid pitfalls and provides contacts in both the public and private sectors. Download this valuable resource as you pursue
your new business venture.

Establishing a Farmers Market in Idaho

While almost fifty farmers’ markets are presently operating in Idaho, many more are yet to be formed. Our handbook, Establishing a Farmers’ Market in Idaho, is intended to be a resource for individuals and groups who wish to establish farmers’ markets and those already managing markets in Idaho. Although not exhaustive, this resource provides useful information on the many factors necessary for the establishment and operation of a successful farmers’ market in the Gem State.

Our purpose is to help organizers establish their own farmers’ market. It is designed to guide you through the creation of a farmers’ market and provides supplemental information on various management issues.

Meridian Main Street Market
Cultivating Your Business: A Guide for small and direct marketing farms in idaho

Cultivating Your Business is intended to help you successfully operate a farm or ranch business and sell agricultural products in the state of Idaho. This guide is a collaboration of the University of Idaho Extension and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  The guide provides producers with information, resources, and guidance to support the success of small and direct marketing farms and ranches. Topics include: starting and operating a farm or ranch business, direct marketing strategies, selling specific products, food safety, and marketing and voluntary labels. Cultivating Your Business is organized as a series of fact sheets allowing you to easily find and access the information relevant to your operation in one convenient place. Each fact sheet provides an overview of the topic area, legal and practical considerations, pertinent rules and regulations, and information on regulatory structures, agencies, and technical assistance providers.  


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Mental Health, Succession Planning, Financial Managment, and MoreISDA's Idaho Farm & Ranch Center

Resources for Farmers & Ranchers
Idaho farm link

If you are looking for agricultural land to lease or buy, or you are a landowner and would like to have your land used for agricultural production, this is the place to start! Idaho Farm Link, a service of ISDA’s Idaho Farm & Ranch Center, is the place you can connect, whether you are a landowner or land seeker.

Veteran Farmer Resources

Your Network Idaho Veteran Producer Resources

Get Listed Producer Veteran Idaho Map

Display Veteran Famer StatusHomegrown By Heroes + Idaho Preferred

IDaho Preferred Producer Learning Lab Videos

Discover valuable insights from Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) staff and producers with our user-friendly e-learning videos. Enjoy simplified explanations and gain first-hand knowledge directly from the experts themselves. Videos Coming Soon.



ORganics REsources

Featured Partner
Transition to Organic Partnership Program

The Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) is a network assembled by the USDA’s National Organic Program to support transitioning organic producers with mentorship and resources. A collaborative effort, TOPP involves many partners working together towards a common goal: to grow the network of organic producers.

Producer ongoing Education

Farmer Mentorship, Experiential Learning, Community Place-Based, Whole Systems Focused, & Small Farms & RanchesCultivating Success Producer Education

Resources for Sustainable Small Farm Education
Idaho farm mentor program

The Cultivating Success Farmer Mentor Program encourages beginning farmers/ranchers to work one-on-one with an experienced farmer mentor.  Participants receive in-the-field, hands-on experience in production and marketing. 

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