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October is Idaho Restaurant Month

October is the time to go out and celebrate your favorite local restaurant. There are many ways to participate including Taste of Downtown Boise Week, Idaho Preferred’s Crafted Idaho Restaurant Guides and Trails,  as well as simply just trying out that new place in your town you’ve been eyeing. 

Restaurant Events

Idaho Restaurants

What’s the difference between “Idaho Restaurants” and “Idaho Farm to Table Restaurants?” Here dive into what these two classifications mean. Idaho Restaurants include our guide to all local eats in your area. Those restaurants may include some Idaho products in their dishes, but not all. 

Our Farm to Table Restaurants have been vetted, providing a very specific list of chefs that have a connection to their local farmers, ranchers and craft food artisans. These restaurants use Idaho products in almost all of their dishes. 

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Idaho Restaurants

Did you know?

The restaurant industry is a huge boon to Idaho’s economy. There are 3,995 eating and drinking locations in Idaho, resulting in $4.3 billion in estimated eating and drinking sales.

Idaho Restaurant Guide

Make a day out of it! We have created the perfect Idaho restaurant trails for you to explore

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47 Idaho Restaurants

Restaurants Blog Posts

||||||Farm to Fork Restaurant Terroir & Butchery sources produce

By: Dawn Larzelier

The team behind Terroir Butchery & Wine have proven that you don’t need a place in order to create a sense of place. Instead, they rely on their ingenuity and local connections with area farmers and ranchers to source ingredients characteristic of Idaho’s own unique terroir.


By: Dawn Larzelier

Chef Higgins makes it a point to regularly stock the Lively’s kitchen with ingredients from local Idaho farmers, ranchers and food crafters… and they are fondly referred to as “collaborative partners” at The Lively, and regularly featured on the seasonal menus.