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Choosing local Idaho agriculture isn’t just about great tasting food; it also means you are contributing to our State’s economy and overall quality of life. Idaho ranks among the top 5 agricultural states by GDP, thanks to over 185 different commodities produced in the Gem State. More than 24,000 farms and ranches dot our landscape, and an impressive 96% of them are family-owned, reflecting our deep commitment to tradition. So, when you choose to support local, you’re not just getting quality; you’re contributing to Idaho’s economic vitality and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Meet Your Local Farmer

Meet the farmers, ranchers, orchardists, and food crafters whose stories contribute to the collective tale of Idaho’s robust and diverse agricultural industry.

Idaho holds the distinction of ranking in the top 5 nationally for agricultural production per GDP. Our beautiful Gem State boasts over 25,000 farms and ranches which produce over 185 commodities. From the iconic potato farms of Eastern Idaho to the marshy wild rice fields in Northern Idaho, from the rolling hillsides of grain on the Palouse to the vineyards of Idaho’s certified AVA regions, our state’s agricultural landscape is diverse and extraordinary.

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Idaho companies passionate about growing and selling quality food and agricultural products.


The number of agricultural products grown in Idaho.


Years we’ve been raising consumer awareness of Idaho food and agriculture products.



Check out the Agventure Idaho Community Calendar to find events, u-picks, harvest dinners, barrel tastings, and more!

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