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Backcountry Bar Now in Albertsons

We are excited to announce Idaho Preferred member, Backcountry Bar, has recently won an account with local retailer, Albertsons! On February 29, 2016 these healthy, energy-packed bars hit the shelves in all Albertsons stores in the Pacific Northwest.

Backcountry barWhen owners Karie Boesiger and her mother-in-law Kris set out to create a healthy alternative to a chocolate chip cookie, they never dreamed it would someday find its way into one of the largest food retailers in the United States. However, today Karie and Kris are celebrating their 10-year anniversary in business with the exciting news that Albertsons has signed on to carry their product.

“My passion for baking started years ago in my grandmother’s kitchen where my sister and I would bake our favorite cookies on summer visits,” said Karie. “Later, my mother shared a scrumptious recipe for chocolate chip cookies that became a favorite with many friends and family members.”

Backcouny BarsThe Backcountry Bar is an all-natural bar specifically designed with maximum flavor and nutritional balance for active people. The bars come in original and gluten-free recipes for those with special dietary needs. Loaded with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, rolled oats and all-natural peanut butter, the Backcountry Bar is great fuel for any outdoor (or indoor) adventure!

Distributed to over 200 retail stores, you can find the Backcountry Bar in health food stores, food co-operatives, grocery stores, fitness and outdoor retailers and coffee houses in Idaho, Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Now look for their all-natural nutrition bars made with Idaho ingredients on shelves at your local Albertsons store!

You can meet Karie and sample The Backcountry Bar at the Hyde Perk Coffee Shop grand opening on Saturday, March 5 from 9am-12pm. Hyde Perk is located on 13th Street in Hyde Park, Boise.

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