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Idaho Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Producer Marketing Kit

In collaboration with Idaho Preferred, Governor Brad Little proclaimed February 19-25, 2024, as Idaho Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Week, recognizing the vital contribution of local family-owned farms and ranches to Idaho’s economy and community resilience.

We are observing this kick-off event to the harvest season by encouraging consumers to sign up for a CSA Farm Share with a local Idaho Producer! We aim to increase consumer awareness of locally available CSA Producers by promoting and connecting local growers, farmers, ranchers, and food crafters who use the CSA business model in their agricultural offerings. Idaho Preferred provides the tools and resources to help producers take advantage of the coordinated campaign effort and properly market their business during this important signup season.

Here’s How Idaho Preferred is Helping Spread The Word to Consumers:

* Note all producers (farmers and ranchers) offering Farm Shares are included in the CSA Directory. Idaho Preferred Members have opportunities for features through marketing initiatives as they have sought the Idaho Preferred label and met program product equipment eligibility.

Learn More about the Idaho Preferred Program


For press inquiries, contact:

Erica White
Idaho Preferred Program Manager
Office: 208-332-8532


In this video, pioneering CSA Producer, Josie Erskine of Peaceful Belly Farm, explains how Community Supported Agriculture works. Use this video to share across your platforms to educate consumers on the virtues of supporting their local farmers and ranchers through a farm share investment!

Here’s Your Digital Marketing Kit

Idaho Preferred has created a marketing kit that includes customizable social media templates and captions. Get your promotions underway and use these resources to help amplify your marketing! It’s easy as 1…2…3.

  1. If you are an Idaho Preferred Member – Review your Directory Profile Page to ensure it is accurately reflects your operation and all your products from promotion
  2. Ensure your information is correct on the digital and printable directories.
  3. Review the CSA Guide to ensure your farm feature is properly marketed.

Update Your Idaho Preferred Directory Page

Membership map graphic

For this year’s promotion, we have launched the Idaho Preferred CSA Producers Directory, a digital statewide directory listing, and a printable brochure. In addition to being a directory and search engine, this page includes information and resources for consumers and farm businesses alike. As we run our promotions through both digital and traditional outlets we will be redirecting traffic to the Idaho Preferred Directory to encourage consumers to find CSA Producers near them for their farm share investments.

Your Directory Profile is your selling platform and you will want to make sure it is updated with visuals and descriptions to help share your story, what products you offer and what you do.

Email any updates to

Idaho Preferred CSA Guide and Blog Post:

We Want to Feature You!

Please be sure to tag @idahopreferred in your posts throughout the week to keep us up to date on your promotion and make it easy for us to “reshare” the content in either post or story form to help with consumer awareness and findability of your CSA offerings. Mentioning us in your IG or Facebook Stories is the quickest way for us to share with our consumer audience.

Social Media Customizable Graphics and Caption Inspiration

We’ve put together customizable social media graphics with general messaging for you to post on your social media channels to help Idahoans and beyond the importance of purchasing locally grown plants if possible. The photo templates are accessible through Canva, for you to copy and swap out text and photos to ones better suited for your particular business. It’s great to let consumers know that they can identify and support their local, Idaho CSA producers!

Social Media Graphics sized for IG/ FB Posts: Use this link to access and make a copy of the templates. Please note that you must make a copy before switching out the images on the examples below. Once you have made a copy of the template, you are free to replace photos and text with your own.

General Social Media Captions

The following copy can be used as is, or as prompts to help you write your own meaningful and specific captions for your social media posts. Remember to end with a strong Call To Action and include information that is useful for your customers, like what kind of CSA offerings you produce and how consumers can sign up for their farm shares.

Eat fresh, eat local, support Idaho’s farmers and ranchers!
🌱 Reserve your CSA share now for a season filled with farm-fresh goodness. #IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) when you join our CSA? Let’s break it down:
🌱 Fresh, locally grown produce straight from Idaho’s fertile lands.
🍖 High-quality cuts of protein like beef and lamb, raised with care.
🌺 Beautiful bouquets of blooms and honey infused with the essence of wildflowers.
🍳 Farm-fresh eggs, creamy dairy, flavorful mushrooms, artisanal bread, and even indulgent ice cream.
🤝 Supporting local farmers, ranchers, and food crafters, strengthening Idaho’s economy and food communities.
Intrigued? Secure your CSA Farm Share today and reap the delicious rewards while championing our local food heroes!
#IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

Know your farmers, know your food, know your impact! 💚 When you choose CSA, you’re not just getting fresh, local produce—you’re supporting your community economically and building genuine connections with those who grow your food. It’s a win-win for your plate and your conscience. Join the CSA family today and be a true friend to local farmers! #IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

🌱Knowing your farmer means so much more than simply knowing where your food comes from and how it’s grown. With your CSA farm share, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with us, your local farmer, and learn about our growing practices. What’s more, you’ll develop meaningful relationships with fellow CSA members, whether it’s chatting with us at pick-up, attending farm events, or volunteering on the farm, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie that goes beyond the contents of your produce box. #IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

🌿 Are you a farm and food advocate? By supporting local agriculture, you become an advocate for local foods, farm stewardship, and community resilience. Your participation in our CSA program not only nourishes you and your family but also contributes to the collective effort to build a more just, equitable, and resilient food system for all. #IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

🌿 When you opt for a CSA share, you’re not just getting groceries – you’re fostering a connection with the land, the farmers, and the community. By choosing local, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainable agriculture practices. With each bite, you’re savoring the taste of responsibility and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a positive difference. #IdahoCommunitySupportedAgriculture #liveeatlocal #supportfarmers

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