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Idaho Farmers Market Month

Calling all fans of fresh, locally grown, raised, and crafted products!

Idaho is celebrating its inaugural Farmers Market Month! Idaho’s farmers markets play a vital role in providing consumers with fresh and accessible local goodies. We value our local farmer’s markets so much that Governor Little has proclaimed August 2023 “Idaho Farmers Market Month.” With Idaho Preferred’s State-wide Idaho Farmers Market Directory, finding your local farmers market by region, day, and vendors is easier than ever! Once you locate your community’s farmers market, we hope you can connect with your local area growers and ranchers and then make it a habit to visit often.

Why Buy Local?

In celebration of Idaho Farmers Market Month, we honor the hard work and dedication of local farmers who provide us with fresh, locally-grown and raised products. Farmers markets in Idaho offer a unique opportunity to connect with farmers directly, learn about where your food is coming from and their farming practices, as well as support the local community’s economy.

Connect to Idaho’s agricultural heritage with fresh nutritious products at your local farmers market. We invite you to get to know local markets farmers, ranchers, and crafters, learn about their personal connection to their products, and what makes them unique! Our bountiful state provides the opportunity to get produce throughout the state at it’s peak of season when produce is at its freshest. You’ll be able to find some of the freshest and tastiest product at the market that was harvested a day or even a few hours prior!

Discover hidden gems by supporting local crafters, artisans, and bakers at Idaho farmers markets. Oftentimes, local food crafters get their start at their community farmers market, but even long-time food crafters enjoy vending their products here. This is a great way to try delicious treats while supporting your local small businesses.

Support your local economy by purchasing fresh, flavorful, nutrient-dense food directly from farmers, ranchers, and crafters. Farmers markets play a vital role in supporting local producers, and contributing to the local economy.

The early bird gets the goods!

Did you know that our beautiful Gem State boasts over 55 farmers markets across Idaho? With an abundance of vibrant farmers markets operating throughout the state of Idaho, it is easy for you to find the freshest, highest-quality, local produce, meat, eggs, dairy and other agricultural products no matter where you are located.

Be one of the first 30 at your local farmers market during Idaho Farmers Market Month and receive a free shopping tote and button! Farmers markets across the State of Idaho will be handing out free shopping totes and buttons to the first 30 shoppers who show up during Idaho Farmers Market Month. So don’t delay! The early bird gets the goods!

Celebrating LOCAL All Season Long!

Of course Idaho Farmers Market Month is cause to celebrate, and we have rounded up a few fun ways to continue the fun long into the season!

Make it a family affair! Teaching children about the importance of nutrition and healthy habits is as easy as a trip to your local farmers market where you can introduce your children to new local foods that are delicious and nutritious. We’ve also created this fun printable Idaho Farmers Market Bingo to take with you on your next trip to the market! Challenge the kiddos to find as much fresh-picked, local Idaho produce as they can and mark it off on their game sheet.

Many farmers markets are seasonal, operating from late spring into fall and offering delicious and nutritious fresh foods at the peak of their flavor, so why not eat what’s in season and buy direct from your local farmer? We bet the flavor alone will inspire you to come back for more!

Challenge yourself to buy new-to-you produce or buy an entire week’s worth of food for a set dollar amount and see just how far your food budget stretches at the local farmers market! You may be surprised!

If you receive Idaho SNAP Benefits, you may be able to buy twice the amount of fresh produce and farm-fresh food products at your local farmers market each week! Look up your local farmers market on the Idaho Preferred website to see if the market participates in the Double Up Food Bucks program. Shopping at your local farmers market is a great way to increase your food budget and get double the amount of fresh food while supporting your local farmers and local Idaho economy!

We think you will have fun trying a new-to-you recipe using only food items found at the farmers market! You may be surprised at the diversity of products found at your local farmers market including everything from fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables to protein, dairy, eggs, spices, herbs, and more!

Talk to your local farmerthis is a perfect time for you to get to know your local farmer! Conversations with vendors at the local farmers market often improve confidence in your local food supply chain and you start to see just how important it is to support this direct link.