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A Local Memorial Day BBQ

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The weather is finally starting to feel like summer and Memorial Day is just around the corner. Do you have plans to have family and friends over for a Memorial Day BBQ? If so, make sure that you plan to serve local meats, salads, and beverages.

Start with the dogs…beef, pork, chorizo…made by local companies like Falls Brand and Gem Pack and found at most local grocery stores.  Serve them on crusty rolls made by Zeppole, Alpicella or Great Harvest Bakeries – baked fresh daily in the Treasure Valley.  Idaho’s famous tubers should star in your favorite family potato salad recipe along with Idaho onions, local eggs and fresh herbs. Local greens are also available and make a wonderful fresh salad.


Don’t forget to serve your favorite Idaho wine or local beers from Payette and Sockeye and milk for the kids! Want to have bottled water available? Make sure to pick up some of Rocks Water sourced and bottled right outside of Boise!

The meal isn’t complete until you serve a freshly baked rhubarb pie. Try the recipe that uses Idaho whole wheat flour in the pie crust from the LIVE.EAT.LOCAL: Idaho Recipes for All Seasons cookbook.


For more recipe ideas visit Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.