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3 Girls Catering

Our philosophy hasn’t changed over our years here in Boise:

  • We will not serve anything we wouldn’t serve our family.
  • We source locally first, designing menus around fresh, organic, sustainable ingredients.
  • We charge what we need to make a reasonable profit without going overboard.
  • We search high and low for crew members who are hard-working and share our love of great food and wine.
  • We support local farmers, winemakers, entertainers, athletes, musicians and we make it a point to shop at local businesses.
  • We keep current on food styles and beautiful presentation and we have fun.

Oh, and if we make a mistake (I know, I know, we admit it! We’re not perfect) we do our best to make it right.

3 Girls Catering offers catering, fresh weekly meals with online ordering, no contact delivery & curbside pick up!