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Amalgamated Sugar

From farm to factory to family table, Amalgamated Sugar has been bringing Real Sugar to our customers for over a century. Amalgamated Sugar produces sugar, animal feed products, and betaine from the sugarbeets grown by its 700+ cooperative members. Our growers raise sugarbeets on approximately 180,000 acres of prime irrigated land, producing 7,000,000 tons of sugarbeets annually. Sugarbeets are planted in the spring, harvested in the fall, and contain approximately 18% sugar by weight. Our sugarbeets are processed during the fall and winter at three sugarbeet factories located in Nampa, Twin Falls, and Paul, Idaho.  

Amalgamated Sugar works closely with our growers to improve sugarbeet crops produced through research, striving for data-driven excellence. We conduct studies to improve sugarbeet variety selection, agronomic practices, and integrated pest management. Our goal is to help our growers become more efficient and sustainable while continuing to provide the highest quality products.

Sugarbeet factories are large scale, heavy industrial facilities. Operating 24/7, the factories process sugarbeets during the fall and winter, produce sugar 11 months per year, and operate molasses separators year-round. Sugarbeets are processed into both refined sugar and animal feed products. Amalgamated Sugar provides high-quality jobs and stability to many families and individuals. We currently have over 1,700 employees companywide.

Amalgamated Sugar is the second largest beet sugar producer in the United States, producing 12% of the nation’s sugar. The sugarbeet industry contributes 1.7% of Idaho Gross State Product. Amalgamated Sugar is dedicated to supporting our growers, the agricultural industry, and all of the customers and communities we serve.