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Black Pine Deer Farm

Local Grower of European fallow Deer

Black Pine Deer Farm in McCall started in the fall of 1998, beginning with seven European Fallow does and one buck. Two years later, they purchased 54 head from a farm near Reno, Nevada.  With the does having little ones, they quickly grew to over 100 head.

Black Pine Deer Farm is licensed to process and market venison to restaurants, health-food stores, and individuals desiring low-fat, low-cholesterol, naturally produced venison free of hormones and feed additives. Other deer products, including breeding stock, hides, and antlers are available.

Venison, usually frozen, is available in burgers, stew meat, chuck, rump roast, back strap, round steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin, and pepperoni.

Find Black Pine Deer farm products at The Boise Co-op, Huckleberry Garden in McCall, the McCall Farmers Market, and Wild Instincts in Idaho Falls.

Venison Cuts (usually frozen), Deer Hides, Antlers-European Fallow