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Canyon Crest Dining

Canyon Crest sits atop the Snake River Canyon with stunning views of the river. They offer local ingredients whenever possible in their restaurant, lounge, and events center. Canyon Crest specializes in regional American cuisine, with special attention paid to the bounty of seasonal indigenous ingredients. They try to promote and nurture relationships with local growers and farmers, keeping business in Idaho.

They use a variety of local ingredients year around including Idaho potatoes, CA Ranch Elk, Salmon Creek, Zursun Beans, Falls Brand bacon, Clear Springs trout, Ballards Farms cheese, Zeppole breads, and a variety of produce from local farms. In addition, they serve Idaho wines from Cold Springs, 3 Horse Ranch, Holesinsky, and Snyder and beer from Grand Teton Brewing. Don’t forget the spirits! They serve 44˚ North and American Harvest in their cocktails.

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