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Creekside Mallow Co


What’s more delectable than toasting marshmallows around the campfire on a late summer evening? How about this sweet story behind Creekside Mallow Co., a thriving gourmet marshmallow business in Caldwell, ID?

Creekside Mallow is a company that has been delighting customers with their mouth-watering marshmallows for nearly a decade. The company was founded by Russ and Stacy Nelson, who are passionate about creating delicious treats using locally sourced Idaho ingredients, like sugar, mint and other flavors. However, the real inspiration for the business came from their daughter Grace.

As Grace was celebrating her 8th grade graduation with friends by roasting marshmallows around the backyard fire pit, she told her parents, “we should start a S’mores business!” The idea stuck with Russ and Stacy, and they soon found themselves experimenting with different flavors and techniques in their home kitchen. As their friends and family raved about their creations, the Nelsons realized they had a special talent for creating the gourmet marshmallows that people loved.

Their passion for their craft led them to start selling their marshmallows at local farmers’ markets and specialty stores, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. As demand grew, the Nelsons decided to open Creekside Mallow in Caldwell, ID, where they could have a dedicated space to create their marshmallows and bring their delicious treats to even more people.

Today, Creekside Mallow is a thriving business that sells its marshmallows in all 50 states. Russ and Stacy’s daughter Grace plays an important role in running the business, helping with everything from production, sales and marketing, to research and development. Her initial inspiration for the business has turned into a family affair that brings joy and happiness to customers all over the country.

What sets Creekside Mallow Co. apart is not only the quality of their ingredients and the delicious flavors they offer, but also their commitment to supporting the local economy. By using locally sourced ingredients in their products, Creekside Mallow Co. is able to support Idaho farmers and other food producers. Additionally, their success has helped to create jobs and boost the economy in the Caldwell area.

As a small business, Creekside Mallow Co. is part of the local food crafter movement that has become a vital part of Idaho’s economy. These “ag-artisan” small businesses not only create unique and delicious products, but they also help to create a sense of community and connection between producers and consumers. By supporting local businesses like Creekside Mallow Co., customers can feel good knowing that they are not only getting a delicious treat, but they are also helping to support the local economy and the people who call Idaho home.

PRODCUTS: gourmet marshmallows using sugar, fruit , herbs, and flavors sourced from Idaho-grown ingredients.