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Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Family Owned & Operated

For Lovers of the Land

When you do business with Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef you’re supporting small-scale, family-run agriculture. We’re in it for the long haul – operating profitably in a manner that ensures ranching will continue to be viable for our children, and their children. That’s why we operate using 100% regenerative agriculture practices.

We operate recognizing that land is our biggest asset; the giver of all we produce. So our highest priority is caring for the land so it will continue to care for us for generations to come.

For Lovers of Ethically Raised Cattle

All our beef is pasture-raised in Idaho, certified 100% Grass-Fed, and certified by the Global Animal Partnership.

For Lovers of Damn Good Beef

Our regeneratively raised grass-fed and finished American Wagyu (Akaushi) beef is high quality and sustainably produced. 100% grass-fed and finished, our beef is rich in nutrients with superior flavor, and a healthier choice – leaner with higher amount of healthy fats, and packed with vitamins and antioxidants.