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DL Evans Bank

We know there are many financial institutions you could bank with, so here is what makes us different: Our greatest asset is you. We owe our success to the relationships we have with our customers, not the size of their accounts or a sales quota. Our customers are our partners and friends, and their success is what drives us.

We value tight-knit communities, clean air, and the chance to enjoy both the urban and remote. We honor our community culture with products and services to answer both sides of this lifestyle with mortgages, wealth management, and car loans that help you seize the Saturday. Why make a living unless you’re making a life too? We believe in this so much, that in 2019 alone, we donated $432,000 and volunteered 21,940 hours to the communities we each call home.

Since 1904, we have forged a legacy of helping consumers and local businesses grow. We see the link between successful businesses and local economies. We offer agriculture, real estate, and commercial loans as well as various government-backed financing options that enable businesses to achieve their goals. To support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, we processed and disbursed over 3,200 Paycheck Protection Program applications across Idaho and Utah.

If you want personal connection without sacrificing success, we invite you to visit us and see how much better banking can be. D.L. Evans Bank: This is community banking.