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Ful Stock

Helping growers in Idaho sell to retailers

The idea of Ful Stock began to take share during the start of the 2020 pandemic, a family farm giving a young man a chance, and a watermelon.

Ful Stock strives to be more than a broker/distributor but an agent of change. Being able to watch a struggling family farm start to feel the revitalizing energy of taking control of their own destiny was a powerful experience for the founder. The people involved on the farm carried themselves differently, learned how to better run their business, and ultimately the business expanded into another generation. We see many family farms in Idaho in similar situations, and work hard to bring them the opportunity to change the course of their legacies and pass their operations to the next generations as well.

Ful Stock believes in the possibilities and potential in Idaho agriculture; for more Idaho growers to become players in regional and national markets. More diverse products, grown by a greater number of farmers, serving a greater number of customers is the goal.