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Greenbelt Granola

Absurdly Fresh Granola

The Cheng family began their granola-baking obsession in 2019. It started as a way of sharing healthy, delicious food with friends and family. Everybody loved how fresh, light, and healthy their granola was, and nothing has brought them more joy than fueling their loved ones with high-quality, healthy foods. They moved to the Treasure Valley in 2022 and since then, they’ve been expanding their reach of Greenbelt Granola throughout Idaho.

Greenbelt Granola is committed to nurturing its customer’s well-being and the environment. Every batch is a labor of love, as they combine heart-healthy oats and a delightful mix of protein-packed nuts and seeds. Their all-natural approach means no artificial additives, flavors, or preservatives find their way into the granola. Instead, they let the flavors speak for themselves.