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Greenwave Hydroponics

GreenWave Hydroponics, a family-owned business in Fruitland, Idaho, specializes in year-round production of fresh lettuce and herbs using hydroponic systems. Founded by owner Amos Wengerd in 2020, the greenhouse employs a rack system for growing, allowing for efficient space utilization. Hydroponics enables precise control over plant nutrition, resulting in high-quality produce without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The company’s products are in high demand and well-received by customers for their freshness and quality.

You can find GreenWave Hydroponics’ fresh lettuce and herbs at various locations throughout the Treasure Valley, including Whole Foods Market, M&W Market, Boise Co-op, Albertsons, and even through Reed’s Dairy home delivery service. Enjoy farm-fresh goodness delivered right to your doorstep!