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Hines Family Farmstead

Hines Family Farmstead Spicy Pickles are renowned for their powerful flavor, as the locals often attest. With a patient fermentation process lasting two years, these pickles reach the ideal balance of spiciness, saltiness, dill-infused tanginess, garlic undertones, and satisfying crunch. They are even known to clear sinuses with their piquant goodness.

Hines Family Farmstead’s pride and joy, the Idaho Spiced Apple Butter, features the freshest local apples sourced from Idaho County. Remaining faithful to the cherished recipe of their sweet Great-Aunt Jo, they lovingly prepare this delectable spread, perhaps accompanied by the occasional midnight outburst of frustration.

Their product lineup includes an array of offerings, such as microgreens bursting with flavor and nutrients. Additionally, their canned Idaho Spiced Apple Butter showcases the distinct taste of Idaho’s apples, carefully prepared using their treasured family recipe. They also craft seasonal fruit jams from foraged fruits found in Idaho, once again employing their cherished family recipe. And, of course, their Idaho Spicy Pickles stand out with their unique blend of spice, born from generations of family tradition.