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Hot Eric Honey

Honey and Tumeric … Do you mean Hot Eric?

In 2017, I was creating a unique recipe mixing raw local honey with turmeric and various spices. After multiple trials, I landed on something very special and delicious. I was so excited I texted a dear friend to tell her all about the yummy magic happening in my kitchen. Serendipitously, the voice-to-text translation went awry, and the rest is history.

Me: I’m mixing honey, turmeric and ginger…

My phone: I’m drinking rum with Hot Eric.

Friend: Who’s Eric???

Me: Uggghhh auto correct!

After laughing about it for days, the name stuck and Hot Eric Honey was born.

Hot Eric Honey blends are naturally sweet, delicious, and caffeine-free. Enjoy them anytime of the day in any imaginable way. Hot Eric Honey is an enticing electuary—raw honey mixed with spices— enjoy daily to support a healthy immune system, experience superfood powers, and uplift your heart and mind.


Spiced Honey – Original, Chai, Cacao