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HouseofLavender (Alden Estates)

HouseofLavender is a family-operated boutique lavender farm nestled in the rural Volcanic valley of southwest Idaho. With a prime location boasting soil and climate perfectly suited for lavender cultivation, they tend to approximately 4600 plants in their fields.

Specializing in Lavandula x Intermedia ‘Grosso’, a French Hybrid, alongside Lavendula Augustifolia ‘Melissa’ and ‘Avice Hill’, English varieties, House of Lavender utilizes steam distillation to extract oil from freshly cut lavender, all processed on-site. Their Copper/Stainless Steel still, crafted at Vengeance Still Georgia, ensures top-quality essentials. Their irrigation water is sourced from high mountain lakes and streams, filtered to maintain superior quality for plant nourishment.

Offering a range of products with plans for expansion, patrons can indulge in the therapeutic and calming qualities of their pure essential lavender oil and products.

Their dedication to harvesting and distilling is evident in the early mornings and long days spent on the farm. The result? A beautiful, pure oil of unparalleled quality, incorporated into all their offerings. Customers can purchase their oil or explore a variety of handmade products available through their provided link.

Members of the Lavender Growers Association