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Idaho Provisions

Private Chef and Catering

From Wilderness Feast to Hometown Treat, Cultivating Culinary Magic

Chef Pedro’s culinary journey spans continents and scales. From roasting whole animals in the rugged wilderness for hungry adventures to crafting personalized fine-dining experiences for VIPs at Sundance Film Festival, his skills have traversed the globe. He’s equally adept at whipping up a gourmet feast under the stars as he is at plating a delicate amuse-bouche in your own kitchen.

Pedro’s passion for fresh, local ingredients and sustainable practices shines through in every dish. He champions local Idaho producers and even runs his own organic microfarm, ensuring the freshest fruits, vegetables, and honey find their way onto your plate.

Pedro’s entrepreneurial spirit flourishes in his two Boise-based ventures:

Idaho Provisions: Indulge in the ultimate personalized chef experience. Pedro tailors his culinary artistry to your specific tastes, transforming your home into a gourmet haven.

Snake River Creamery: Dive into handcrafted, small-batch ice cream that’s as unique as it is delicious. Each scoop is a testament to Pedro’s creativity and commitment to quality.

So, what can Chef Pedro do for you?

Unforgettable home dining experiences: Imagine a private chef, crafting a personalized menu that reflects your tastes and dietary needs, using the freshest seasonal ingredients. That’s Chef Pedro.

Wilderness feasts with a gourmet twist: Planning a camping trip or a backyard gathering? Let Chef Pedro elevate the experience with a fire-roasted feast that will leave your guests speechless.

Chef Pedro is more than just a chef; he’s an experience. He’s a storyteller through food, a weaver of connections through shared flavors. He’s the answer to your culinary dreams, waiting to bring them to life.