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Idahoan Foods

For over 60 years, our passion has been to inspire culinary creativity with delicious, scratch-quality potatoes. We use only Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, world-renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. 

Our farmers take pride in being stewards of the land, employing sustainable practices to ensure quality from field to fork, and the preservation of this special resource for generations to come. We then cook our potatoes using our proprietary Fresh-Dried method that honors the integrity of the potato.

This innovative cooking method allows for a final dish that saves you precious time and effort to deliver scratch-made quality to your family with each batch. Trust Idahoan as your pantry hero, empowering you to bring your culinary vision to life.


Rustic Mashed (lumps and/or peels), Real Mashed (No Mixing), Hash Browns, Creamy Bakes/casseroles, potato slices, flakes