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Imagine Farms CSA

Imagine Farms CSA is a regenerative farm dedicated to cultivating practices that nourish the soil, yielding the highest quality food imaginable. Their philosophy is simple: mimic nature’s design for optimal results. They proudly uphold a strict no-chemical policy, ensuring that every product from their farm is pure and natural.

Their hens roam freely on pastures, supplemented only with organic feed when desired. They thrive on their natural instincts, primarily foraging for their sustenance from chick to adulthood.

Imagine Farms CSA aspires to provide top-tier produce to communities spanning from McCall to Boise, Emmett, and beyond. Their dedication to quality knows no bounds; they refuse to compromise on excellence. Visitors are not only welcome but encouraged to experience the farm firsthand. With an open-door policy, everyone is invited to witness their operations and connect with the origins of their food.

Explore Imagine Farms’ offerings, including CSA memberships and customizable pickup options. Embracing innovative techniques, they refrain from tilling their land, instead entrusting this vital task to their feathered friends. From cultivation to harvest, every step is personally overseen, ensuring that each product arrives from the farm directly to the table, grown and handpicked with care.