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Jones & Co Flavors

Jones & Co. Vanillas, Inc.

“Our U.S. Federal Trademark sums up what we do and who we are – Vanillas of the World®

Jones & Co. Vanillas, Inc. searches the globe for the finest vanilla beans from small grower groups and curers. With over 45 origins and seven species of vanilla beans available, they offer a wide selection at affordable prices. They have pioneered a unique pure vanilla extract that is 100% American Made, utilizing Idaho wheat alcohol and Hawaiian Planifolia vanilla beans.

Jones & Co Flavors

Ted and Teddy Jones, the dynamic father-son duo behind the company name, frequently search the globe for rare and exotic vanillas. Recently, Teddy returned from a four-month venture in the South Pacific, collaborating with vanilla farmers to learn from seasoned growers and curers. His experiences abroad enabled him to pass on valuable knowledge to newer growers, aligning with the company’s mission to enhance expertise within the vanilla industry.

Teddy Jones on a recent trip to the South Pacific, where he got to learn from some of the best vanilla farmers in the world.

Operating out of Nampa, Idaho, the company not only manufactures pure vanilla extracts but also distributes natural flavorings. They take pride in their range of certified organic vanilla beans and extracts, emphasizing their dedication to quality and flavor. Jones & Co. Vanillas, Inc. is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and global support for vanilla growers.

Jones & Co. Vanillas is open to brewery, ice cream and food crafter collaborations, and their extract products are available to the wholesale market.