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Kopf Canyon Ranch

We raise Kiko goats in Idaho using minimal interventions. We do not grain feed our herd – ever – nor do we use commercial feed to fatten or finish them.

Our goats are raised on canyonland, not feedlotted, and allowed to forage natural growth. When forage is sparse, they have free access to alfalfa hay, grown by our neighbors. An advantage to our Kiko is that most never need medical intervention – antibiotics or anthelmintics.

We take very seriously the health of our animals, recognizing that our management ultimately contributes to the health of our patrons. We are recognized for our humane farming practice by the Food Animal Concerns Trust (

We offer both USDA retail cuts, directly to the customer, with nationwide shipping, and whole animals delivered to our local processor for custom cuts by appointment. Availability fluctuates wildly – just as imports struggle to meet the demand – so do we! Check with us for availability and pricing.