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Lone Mountain Farms

Growing Fields of Flavor

Luke and Emily Black dreamt of growing fields of flavor. Their dream has turned into Lone Mountain Farms, a small diverse farm in Idaho. You’ll find hops and rare grains with a flock of chickens foraging for treats. They use their own hops, grains, and the occasional produce to craft a farm beer like no other. All in one place right on the farm.


The farm is located in a beautiful spot at the base of Lone Mountain and next to the Selkirk mountain range, allowing Lone Mountain Farms to receive the right amount of moisture from fall through spring, and then experience a warm and dry summer. This gives them the unique opportunity to grow the diverse ingredients needed to brew estate beers. Visitors to the Farm experience the flavors of the farm and see how they grow and brew their beer.

Meet the team

Luke Black is the Owner/Operator, Grain Farmer, and Head Cook. Luke’s calling is in the grain fields. But when he’s not tending the fields, he’s whipping up delicious food to share at the farm brewery.

Emily Black is the Owner/Operator, Hop & Produce Farmer, and Marketing Director. Emily’s happy place is amongst her veggies and sharing their farm brewery story.

DJ Moore is the Farm-Craft Beer Manager and Head Brewer. DJ has been brewering with us since 2019 and is combining his passion for history and beer together.