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Lowe Family Farmstead

Farming Fun and Harvesting Memories

Lowe Family Farmstead is an agritourism destination featuring Idaho’s original corn maze, u-pick pumpkins, flower field, hayrides, memorable food, and dozens of on-farm activities. for fall farming fun. Founded in 1997 as Idaho’s first full-fledged corn maze, the operation has now grown to a fall attraction that regularly draws local and national attention.

​Lowe Family Farmstead is part of Jim and Hillary Lowe’s farming operation, which includes land in Meridian and Kuna producing feed corn, wheat, and pumpkins. To understand the origins of the Lowe Family Farmstead, one must first recognize that “you can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy.” This truism served as a blessing and a curse for Jim, who grew up farming and ranching but without a family farm to go back to. The conventional wisdom is that, without an inheritance, it is impossible to become a farmer. With farming in his blood and armed with a degree in Ag Business, the idea of agritourism appealed as a niche market that could overcome the obstacles of traditional agriculture. By farming leased ground and operating on a shoestring, the Lowe Family has grown a small but respectable farm that includes both production crops and agritourism.

​What emerged as the experience at Lowe Family Farmstead is a creative twist on agriculture that taps into the heart of Idaho.